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Upcoming Season Preparations Underway

Crops are being put in on all our farms as well as aquatic plantings in the ponds.  All is looking very good for a great 2024/25 migratory Canada Goose season.  Tail feather analysis of last year’s harvest was strongly encouraging showing a large input of juvenile geese.  The production last spring was excellent.  We will be watching the snow cover on the Ungava Peninsula in northern Quebec and hopefully another large hatch will take place.


The limit per person per day is two Canada Geese.  The season runs from: December 20th thru January 4th and January 14th thru January 31st.  We take only two fully guided blinds per day with a maximum of four hunters per blind.  The following days are already booked out and closed: Jan. 2 – Jan. 4; Jan. 16 – Jan. 18; and Jan. 23 – Jan. 25. Let us know if we can be of service to your group.

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