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Limit Jumps to Two Per Day Per Hunter

For the 2023/24 season we will jump to a two bird per day hunter limit. This expansion is a direct reflection on the health and numbers of the migratory flock and will, along with the increased production, translate into some powerful wing shooting.


The Ungava Peninsula is a massive tract of tundra from Hudson Bay on the west to Ungava Bay on the east in northern Quebec Canada. This area is sparsely populated by the Inuits (formerly known as Eskimos). This is where the Atlantic population of migratory Canada Geese nest. (These are the birds that winter on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.)

There are two parameters that determine nesting success. First, the number of breeding pairs. The USFWS has stated that 180,000 nesting pairs (the largest number in a decade) are nesting this Spring. Secondly, is the snow cover on the nesting grounds. All models have shown that the snow cover dissipated by the third week in May mandating an aggressive nesting response. (Again, quick snowmelt first in a decade).

Bottom line: Expect very large numbers of wintering Canada Geese on the Eastern Shore.


In addition to the farms owned by Wild Wings Maryland, we have added two new partnerships. One, to the east of Chestertown is professionally managed for the geese by a father/son team that “owns” a flock of the migrators. The other, rated in the top four of Kent County goose hunting farms, is south of Worton (where our Lodge is) in the Rock Hall area. We are very excited about having these excellent properties in our inventory.


Wild Wings Maryland farms are doing very well. We have notified you about all the pond construction, pastures, plantings, new blinds and so on. For the 2023/24 season we have one last new half pit to emplace on the “hill” on the Home Farm. That blind, sitting on very high ground, is a beautiful place to hunt geese. You have a panoramic view from that pedestal!


That is it and no more. Two fully guided blinds with a max of four hunters is all we do. Our rotation hunting program managed by our property manager and head guide Tommy Tucker is designed to give you the best experience on the Eastern Shore. We are proud of what we do and know you will enjoy your hunts with us.


Dorothy is now working with caterers that can deliver excellent meals to you at the Lodge. Stay tuned. She will email contacts, menus and so on.

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