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Wild Wings Maryland provides outstanding Canada goose hunting in Kent and Queen Anne counties, on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Pit blinds, stand ups, creek and pond blinds coupled with the best decoys available complement our dedication to improving our areas with the establishment of new blinds, new flooding, water access, and leaving crops standing for the waterfowl. 


First quality is what Hester’s Wild Wings Maryland is all about.  That’s why we only take two blinds per day with a maximum of four hunters per blind.  With our inventory of farms and over twenty five pits and stand-ups we never, ever overshoot our properties.

With our professional Outfitter and Guides, coupled with our outstanding Lodging, you will leave Kent County knowing your visit was exclusive and exceptional.

Be sure to check out the Blue House Lodge and Bunkhouse - perfect places for your group to relax and unwind the evening before and after your hunts. 

2024- 2025 Season Dates -
Dec. 20 - Jan. 4; Jan. 14 - Jan. 31  


Have questions or interested in booking?Call or email for availability and pricing.  

252-394-5171 or 

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